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Simone Carena has followed the whole project, from the brand identity, comunication skills, menú and all the services.

At the moment he`s the general manager of the Restaurant Music Club and he’s working to create a guide-line to develop the Ornina concept and open new locations around the World.

 Simone Carena with Jordi Fumanal, Rodrigo Fiuza, Astrid Pujol, Jenny Lafko, Maribel Lopez and Albert Bautista

Lounge de Ornina

Ornina lounge

Ornina staff

Ornina staff service: Yanela García, Bet Colomer, Astrid Pujol, Simone Carena, Pauline Van de Walle

Simone Carena & Begona del Canto

Begoña Del Canto and Simone Carena, inauguracion day , February 2011

terrace Ornina

Ornina tasting cultures Summer terrace

Buffet Brunch in the terrace

Tasting Brunch in the Ornina terrace

obra lounge bar copia

Working progress in the Lounge, November 2010 

exterior con obra

 Working progress, November 2010



Ornina inspires itself by the cultures fusion and, therefore, mixes flavours coming from Southern Mediterranean Countries. The origin of its name comes from the Goddess of music in the Arabic civilization, represented by a statue guarded in a Syrian museum. Ornina is set up by a hospitality professionals group, as well as chefs coming from all over the world, which combine their knowledge in order to create a creative fusion cuisine.
The atmosphereits inspired by this philosophy of harmony between cultures. The restaurant is set with smooth colours as protagonists and velvety textiles in order to give warmth to the place.
The touch of the Arabic design of the furniture, adorns the hall, lines the walls with minimalist mosaics and the floor with delicate textiles. The whole place radiates the tradition and sophistication of a Mediterranean environment.

The Ornina Lounge Bar is a place designed in order to have a drink and enjoy live music or set Deejay. This area of Ornina is diaphanous, spacious, dressed in White and peppered with wide and comfortable couches.

The velvety environment of the floor combines with creativity the glasses with Arabesques and other elements made of natural materials.      Everything adorns the Lounge Bar under the concept of Ornina, the cultures fusion.

On the other hand, a sheet of zenith light with colours that vary in order to create a different atmosphere given the moment; thus, the light specks spread all over the hall emphasize the pleasant atmosphere of the Lounge Bar.

Ornina interior design

Ornina offers an assorted and balanced menu. The menu includes entrées and main dishes from the Middle East in particular contemporary Lebanese speciality , combined with classical Mediterranean ingredients.

fire in lounge

Relaxing warm atmospere in the lounge

kitchen staff ornina

Chef William Eldbassy (Libano) con Chef Carlos Zapata (Barcelona) studying the Menu

tasting cultures

Degustación de mezzas frías (Hummus, Taijn de atun, Lebnah y Babaganoush)

tartare de lubina

Tartare de Lubina con huevas de truchas

Music Club.

The ORNINA music Club, the perfect option for your party to enjoy a great night.

This exclusive club, with a capacity of 200 persons, includes a complete list of services for your party to be a great evening:

· Catering and lighting services · Live music · Projector and complete sound system · Cloakroom · Private parking and valet parking

Simone Carena and friends

eventos en el Music Club de Ornina, Members Only


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